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Originally Posted by hermanotarjeta View Post
For those defending either of these cards, and I see people "speculating" that a so and so card is worth $30,000 - what exactly are any of your qualifications to make such outlandish estimates?

Have any of you guys ever spent over $20,000 on a single card before? I know a few here have, and perhaps they have better insight on the "value" of a card rather than someone who has never even spent over $1000 for a single card before.

Until you have actually done so, I question some of the people on these boards giving price values for very expensive cards - if you have no intention or do not have the means to do it, can you really give a realistic value on a "five figure card". Methinks reality is skewed for many folks on here.....
This is what im talking about. Setting a "Tier" leven amongst card collectors. Doesnt exist in any sport except basketball.

To answer your question, those who spend $20k on cards are less knowledgable about the hobby and card prices than those who dont spend 20k on a single card.

Just because I dont own a Ferrari doesnt mean I cant afford one and because I dont own one doesnt mean I dont know how to drive fast either! But I guess in this hobby, the more $$ you spend on cards makes you a "Master"? or makes you the end all of facts? Is that what you are saying here? Because to me it sure seems like a case of "Unless you spend $20k on a card, you dont know jack about cards" mentality.

This was a miff question asked by the OP who clearly knew what he was doing. He offered up the card. Then when got a reply for a trade pretty quick, he rethought it. Simple as that.

As to which card you would take? Who knows and who cares. Isnt that the end goal of collecting? To be content or happy with buying, trading or selling for whatever it is that made you happy? Or is it about coming out ahead and $$ valuing ? If its all about the "Bengamins" then this hobby isnt the best place to make bets!!

This is just another prime example of people looking or wanting to "Fit in" and be "popular" based on the cards in their collection. If the majority of the boards tell you to keep that MJ Exquisite because THEY like it much better, how does that fulfill your collecting goals? If they choose to like PMG green, how would that fulfill your collecting goals? The ONLY question and answer that should be here is whatever the OP wants. Not everyone else.

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