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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
I hope you get your money back and all, but if you don't, to be quite honest, I won't feel bad for you at all.

Why would you buy a card for that much off somebody with zero feedback?

It's called common sense people, someone with zero feedback and no proof of positive feedback here or somewhere else asking almost $300 for a card should set off all sorts of flags and sirens

Well, you almost got your wish. This guy was one step away from getting to keep my 275.00. However, for whatever reason he opened and then sent it back to me as return to sender....... EVEN THOUGH THE USPS forget to scan it delievered. It showed as out for delivery since 9-24-12.

All he had to do was keep the package and my money was his.


Shawn Hanson has just sent you $275.00 USD with PayPal
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