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Originally Posted by Sean1125 View Post
It's called sarcasm - I'm well aware I'm not getting interest and it's not that much money to even care about....
Lol not that much money to even care about?? Yet you are still whining on here.

Btw I did offer to ship the stuff to you even after you filed the dispute.. But after reading what you said in the dispute saying that you dont even want the stuff anymore.. and also reading everything you said in this thread. I decided it MIGHT shut you up if I sent a refund.. I didnt know it would take 9 days or however long for you to get your $.. Take that up w/ paypal.. Not me. You made it clear to me that you didn't want me to ship the gold to you anymore and that you wanted a refund so that is what I did.. The reason the $ wasn't in my paypal account is because I transferred it to my checking account and thats that.. You are receiving a refund from my checking account now so that is why I assume it would be taking so long.. Paypal is in charge of processing refunds Not Daniel00. I just clicked the refund button so this "dispute" could be ended.. Unfortunately they must take a long time to do it.
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