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I think the "big picture" is being missed here.
Why would you shoot for a "higher" copy of a book that should be 180k preorders ?
Same to me with WD 100...the base copy can be had for's like pissing on the hobby IMO
I love Variants, but with so many different one's they are raping the collector jsut like they did in the early 90's and if people keep lapping it up,the same thing will happen again...all your books will be worthless.

I can;t list 10 books that have a good collection value from 20 years that should be a clue as to what is repeating itself

Buy the normal #1 or the cover you think looks cool and tell yourself they will be worthless down the road because that is going to happen.
Variant-insanity is starting to choke the market IMO

That is why I am dumping all of my cash for spending in silver/Golden
You can take entire runs and see the money over the years. You can do that in modern on only something HOT and...Hot dies,everytime.
My comic expenses this month are sitting at 7,000.00 and nothing is newer than 1978
if you are investing or gambling,that's where the line is drawn
if you are flipping,then it's moot
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