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I have become a Rangers fan because my fiance is from Dallas, and this was a few yrs ago. I really liked the team, how they hustled and Hamilton and his story.

I have to say that this year, other than Beltre and maybe a few players here and there, they just seem like they don't care. That error by Hamilton epitomized the season. Their fundamentals are horrific, but there just seems to be zero fire in the team. Kinsler shovels the ball like he is in mud, Cruz once again misplays a routine grounder, Andrus yesterday lollygags a throw over to first and Hamilton lets a ball through his legs for a few runs. This has happened all year, but not to what seems to be much more in the last month, when it is crucial to play your best ball. This is the complete opposite of the A's, who are fun as hell to watch to be frank.

This summer, even after his slump I wanted Hamilton back. I can say after watching these past few months, I would rather let him walk. Something else is going on with him other than drinking too much Red Bull, and it is rubbing off on the whole club. I think the foul ball incident still weighs on him, there are rumors about his marriage, the whole free agency thing. I still really admire his story, but bottom line is winning games. He isn't helping them win anymore from what I see, and since the summer, he is Rob Deer up there most of the time. He just swings at almost everything and misses just as much.
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