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Default -- ENDED -- Blowout Cards "2008 SUPER BOWL" Challenge!!

Welcome to Blowoutcards "2008 SUPER BOWL!" Challenge!!

We will be giving away a CASE of CARDS !! What case you may ask? You won't know until we POST it on this Board so check back for the link!! *link to case included below*

Here's how it works: (Please read the rules carefully below)

Post your guess in this thread for each of the 4 categories: (You must be a registered user of this message board in order to post.)

You must Win the 1st Catagory to move onto the 2nd catagory. You must win the 2nd to move onto the 3rd and so on until there is 1 clear winner.

1) Winning Team (Example: Patriots)

2) Winning Teams Score (Example: Patriots 36 pts)

3) Combined Score of both Teams - [Closest without going over] (Example: 58 pts)

4) Number of Passing Yards for Tom Brady and Eli Manning Combined - [Closest without going over ](Example: 523 Yards)

- Once you post your guess, you won't be able to change it.

- Deadline to post your guess will be Sunday Feb 3, 2008 6:00 PM Eastern Time (we will use the time stamp of your post to determine eligibility).

- In the event of a tie, the earlier post will win.

- We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.

- Have fun!
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