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Originally Posted by FattyMcGee View Post
Hey guys and gals, I've never done an on-line case break before, but I might be interested in this. How does it work exactly and why would people pick certain slot numbers? I would think that you would want slot # 1,2 or 3 for the top 3 picks and then after that it isn't really worth it. Is that how it works? Slot #1 gets first pick of what was pulled from the case, etc. Or is it slot #1 gets the first card from the pack and so on?
You pick certain slot numbers as a preference before list gets randomized as in every break the participant list is randomized. This particular break is not draft style so there will be no picks made, instead a list of all the hits will get randomized and matched with a randomized list of all participants.

Originally Posted by snomelcrob View Post
I'll take 2 random spots, preferably not back to back.
Thanks for joining
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