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Default 6 Box Inner Case Break of Topps Prime

Bought a 6 box inner case of Prime, had 2 boxes broken on video and 4 boxes shipped. Will update this thread when I get the other 4 boxes.

Decent hits, hoping for an RGIII in the other boxes.

Dwayne Allen Copper Auto redemption
Ryan Tannehill Copper Auto to 99
T Y Hilton Level V Relic Auto redemption
Ryan Broyles Level V Relic Auto #'d to 25 (neat card, wish it was a bigger name)
Posey Relic
Givens FB piece Relic #'d to 10
Kendall Wright Triple Telic #'d to 25 (another cool one)
Quad Relic Luck RGIII #'d 610 (Tannehill & Weeden the other two maybe?)

Also bought one solo box and got in a group break

Group Break yielded:
Kendall Wright Level V Relic Auto Redemption
Quad Relic Kendall Wright, Blackmon forgot the other two

Solo Box
Criner Level V Relic Auto
David Wilson Gold Auto #'d 75
Doug Martin Quad Relic
Sanu Triple Relic

Most of this will be FS, probably will scan after the other 4 boxes are opened.

4 other boxes yielded:

RGIII Level V auto relic 232/300
Mark Ingram Level V auto relic 66/100
Alshon Jeffery gold auto 71/75
Luck/Cam/Bradford triple relic 386/559
Broyles auto 57/286
Ryan Lindley auto 215/286
Jarius Wright Level V auto relic 737/780
Ronnie Hillman Level V auto relic 251/780
Reuben Randle relic 60/266
Egnew relic 30/266
Tannehill Weeden double relic 195/405
Tannehill quad relic 141/146
Tannehill dual relic 199/235
Turbin auto 126/286
Turbin dual relic 205/235
Turbin triple relic 104/194

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