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Originally Posted by zeeropointzeero View Post
It's easy to tell the difference. The "BGS Authentic Auto" will have the JSA logo on it as well since JSA authenticates the auto itself (which I believe this card had).

I'd guess it is possible to simply get a "BGS Authentic" which happens to have an auto but no JSA cert, in which case that would go to the "BGS Authentic" slot.
There is no JSA cert on the card, but I don't understand why there would be, when the auto is a Topps Certified Sticker auto.

To me, the BGS Authentic slot is for slabbed cards that BGS has said are authentic. The BGS Authentic Auto slot is for the same cards that have an auto. Authentic auto just means the card is authentic, and it's autographed.

Open for discussion.
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