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Originally Posted by nhsportsguy View Post
There is no JSA cert on the card, but I don't understand why there would be, when the auto is a Topps Certified Sticker auto.

To me, the BGS Authentic slot is for slabbed cards that BGS has said are authentic. The BGS Authentic Auto slot is for the same cards that have an auto. Authentic auto just means the card is authentic, and it's autographed.

Open for discussion.
I am not 100% sure myself.

I was under the impression that you could get BGS to authenticate the card, which would be "BGS Authentic" and/or BGS to authenticate the auto, which would be "BGS Authentic Auto". They do actually offer a service to authenticate the auto, so I wouldn't necessarily say "BGS Authentic Auto" = "BGS Authentic, plus it has an auto on it".

I assumed the BGS Authentic Auto is used mostly for cards that are signed in person, like this one and they carry the JSA logo as JSA does the work on authenticating the auto itself.

While the BGS Authentic is used mostly for non-auto cards and cards where the auto does not need to be certified by BGS/JSA as it was already certified by another party (like Topps).

At the end of the day, it is only like an $80-90 card and will not make me or break me. I'd suggest we can take the consensus of the group, ask a mod or sell the card and split it.
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