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Question Grab Bag sales on eBay?

I have some giant lots of lower end cards.

They're not junk, but most are not worthy of selling individually on eBay (Max card value is probably $15/20).

I have over 800 relic cards, over 400 autos, and over 1000 serial #d cards.

They're all in brand new sleeves and top loaders.

If I was to sell as lots, I'd probably only get like $.50 for each auto/jrelic at most ... and I don't want to sell myself short, mainly because these are being sold on consignment for someone.

There are a ton of star players, tons of expensive sets, many low #'d, dual/triple autos, etc.

It's just too overwhelming. I would have liked to list individually in my eBay store, but I don't have time to list and deal with 2000 cards sold individually if they're low end.

So I was just randomly thinking of what to do, and I remember seeing sellers having auctions for 'grab bags'.

I was thinking to make grab bags that include 1 auto, 2 game used, and 5 serial numbered cards.

I figure this is a great way to maximize $$$ and minimize the effort of listing individually.

The only thing I fear is customer dissatisfaction. But I see so many people literally almost ripping people off by selling fake cards, junk, etc ... and somehow maintaining great feedback?

Of course I'd make the lots worth the value, but I could put a Jordan auto in every lot for $20 and someone would STILL find a way to complain!

What are your guys thoughts on doing something like this? Has anyone ever done this before?
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