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Originally Posted by paul06901 View Post
Thanks for the insight guys! I'll have to think this over, and how I want to go about doing this.

This is legal to do on eBay, right? I know it's not allowed here on the boards ... but I wasn't sure on eBay anymore.

As for what I have in the lots, there are literally over 2,000 cards ... so I'm really not sure and I honestly don't have the time right now to go through every single card. There are a TON of HOFer cards ... I'm not sure about any Gaines, if so it wouldn't be anything significant, likely just common autos/game used/inserts.
You can't call it a grab bag on eBay anymore.. they will flag you for it and remove the listing.. so technically.. no it's not. I wrote a thread about this, but it turned into a troll fest lol
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