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Originally Posted by The700Level View Post
1.Angels 94.5-UNDER
2.Rangers 90.5-OVER
3.A's 69.5-UNDER
4.Mariners 66.5-UNDER

5.Tigers 94.5-UNDER
6.Royals 81.5-UNEDER
7.Indians 81.5-UNDER
8.White Sox 78.5-OVER
9.Twins 73.5-OVER

10.Red Sox 92.5-UNDER
11.Yankees 91.5-OVER
12.Rays 87.5-UNDER
13.Blue Jays 85.5-UNDER
14.Orioles 68.5-OVER

15.D'Backs 88.5-UNDER
16.Giants 86.5-OVER
17.Dodgers 81.5-OVER
18.Rockies 79.5-UNDER
19.Padres 69.5-OVER

20.Cardinals 87.5-OVER
21.Reds 84.5-OVER
22.Brewers 81.5-UNDER
23.Pirates 75.5-UNDER
24.Cubs 70.5-OVER
25.Astros 53.5-OVER

26.Phillies 96.5-UNDER
27.Braves 87.5-OVER
28.Nationals 86.5-UNDER
29.Marlins 84.5-UNDER
30.Mets 74.5 -UNDER

I think 21/30 for me.
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