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Originally Posted by pnft17 View Post
dd316 great photo.

Always liked Kamala and his gimmick. Can't remember who claims to have
come up with the idea.
From the Wikipedia page:

While acquiring a new costume in Memphis, Tennessee, Harris was asked by Jerry Lawler and Jerry Jarrett to adopt a new gimmick. Harris agreed, and, together with Lawler, created Kamala (originally spelled Kimala), drawing upon ideas for a character originally developed for Harris by The Great Mephisto.[5][6] Jarrett and Lawler decided that portraying an African wrestler would help Harris succeed, despite his limited technical wrestling ability and poor interview skills. The name came from a National Geographic Magazine article Jarrett read, about a Doctor Kimala, who was conducting research in Uganda.[5] The character was a Ugandan cannibal, with a painted face and body. He wrestled barefoot and in a loincloth.[4][7]
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