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Originally Posted by Knicker_Please View Post
thats so far from what is going on with royce...your analogy isn't accurate at all.

there is ONE way its done. you go from city to city and EVERYONE takes the plane. its the practical way to get from city to city which is far away and you have to be there by a certain time. its really not that hard to understand. these teams go across country a lot. and sometimes overseas.

BTW there are plenty of jobs which require you to have a car to get to certain places on time. thats not discriminatory, its just practical.
your argument doesn't make sense. there is one way its done? isn't that the issue. saying there is one way is stupid. because there is obviously more then one way and thats what he is trying to figure out. seems like the rockets agree that there is more then ONE way.

nba teams almost never go overseas... really why do you keep throwing that around.

thanks for talking with me again though
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