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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
So now it has to do with a contract? Before it was he just needs to suck it up but now its in his contract. I would love to see where it is in a players contract that they have to fly to every game with the team?

Oh and it looks like the Rockets are rational (unlike you):

Royce White, Houston Rockets work on 'innovative' travel plan - ESPN

Royce White says agreement in place to return to Rockets pending - Houston weather, traffic, news | FOX 26 | MyFoxHouston
Jesus man...

You asked if your boss could require you to do whatever, the answer is yes if you're an at-will employee. If you have a contract, his demands have to be in-line with the contract.

In White's case, traveling with the team is either a reasonable expectation or explicitly in the deal. He didn't show up day 1 because he wanted to be able to travel by bus and needed that language in his deal. Of course the Rockets were going to make some allowances for the guy, they wouldn't have drafted him otherwise. But they didn't want to give him exactly what he was asking for initially, or there would've been a deal before camp started.

If the Rockets said, "you either fly, or you don't play" and White's contract didn't say he doesn't have to fly, they would have been well within their rights. I'm sorry that reality doesn't align with your bleeding heart perspective.
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