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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
your argument doesn't make sense. there is one way its done? isn't that the issue. saying there is one way is stupid. because there is obviously more then one way and thats what he is trying to figure out. seems like the rockets agree that there is more then ONE way.

nba teams almost never go overseas... really why do you keep throwing that around.

thanks for talking with me again though
haha not're making it seem like asking him to fly in a plane is asking him to do something radical or something lol. like if your boss was to ask you to take a subway or bus to work when you have a car. its not like that at all, and that should be pretty apparent.

the knicks have gone overseas last year for pre season and this year they're playing a regular season game. teams going over seas are going to be happening more and more. but thats hardly even what im talking about.

i want this kid to succeed and i think he's a baller with a lot of potential, but i see where gambooler is coming from, professional sports isnt for everyone.

you acting like you're some kind of beacon for moral standing, is really quite funny.

i know you love to argue so i figure why not throw 2 cents in
its not a shock that its another day and king murrke is in another argument on the forums lol...
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