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Obviously it would work much easier for everyone involved if his mental illness was not a factor but it will need to be addressed and accomidated as long as they feel his talent(s) are worth the hassle (no matter how slight). I mean, lets not pretend that many other professional athletes did/do not get prefrencial treatment for things far less 'necessary' as accomidating a mental illness.

I understand the need to conform, to keep things flowing smoothly for the good of the team. However, there are times when accomidating to ones requests based out of necessity can be reasonable as well. AS a professional he has a job that requires being on time to meetings, practices, and games. If these things can be achieved then the accomidation he requests is really a non-issue. And even if there are a scarce few hick-ups due to the travel time needed, then it would still be a very minor infraction to overlook considering the challenge he faces and tries to overcome.

Point being here, I'm sure they both know full well the possible ramifications and to that end I am sure they are going to hash it out.
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