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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
White wants to drive because he has a mental illness and it will be better for his health and he thinks he can fulfill all obligations while still taking a bus at times.

As your 'contract' and the fact that there is no statement in his contract saying 'he has to fly' he has a right to 'take a bus' as long as he fulfills his contract. Of course the Rockets are concerned that there might be problems.

Once again read what you wrote, "If he wants to play in the NBA, he needs to get with the program. If he can't handle what the job entails, he should find something else to do with his life."

You are saying he needs to get with 'the program' and if he can't handle what the job 'entails' (in this case flying) he should go do something else.

Well as everything you just posted about his contract shows there is nothing that says his contract requires him to fly. So I'll say it again. You are ignorant in your post because it is wrong.

The Rockets are working with him because they are reasonable. They realize they don't have a right to force him to fly and that is why they are trying to come to an agreement with him.

Oh and he is trying to make it work for the Rockets. He has admitted that he would fly at times. So once again another false statement from you.
Man you are aggressively ignorant. You just say "F it, I don't care if I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm going to put my fingers in my ears and stomp my feet."

Everything bolded is objectively wrong. Did you go to law school? I mean, you didn't have to go to be able to understand that, "The Player agrees to observe and comply with all Team rules," means the team can make him fly if A) he signed that contract and B) they want him to fly, but I'm curious.
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