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Originally Posted by murrke03 View Post
How do you know he won't attend all practices and all needed meetings?

There is a reason the Rockets are working with him. The team isn't babying him. The fact that you put it like that shows you really aren't even worth responding too anymore. goodnight
For crying out loud... the guy makes a completely intelligent post/point and you still have to come back wtih the "how do you know?"...

NOBODY KNOWS. But don't you think that if you were an employer, you would want your employee fresh (not having driven for possibly many long hours) and also able to plan things with the rest of your employees?

It's good that Houston want to work with him, but he should be trying his hardest to appease them in any way he can. Do you know how many people/players would probably give up a body part to play in the NBA? Let alone having to fly... it's not like a normal job because there are millions of people wanting to take your spot!!
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