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Originally Posted by gamboooler View Post
Care to scroll back to your post on insults and what that means for your argument? Why do you always talk about morals like your the arbiter of right and wrong? Man, you think highly of yourself.

What I said was maybe professional basketball isn't for him. And I said that's fine. I also said the Rockets are his employer, and whatever they say goes. I didn't call him a baby (I don't think), but even if I did, people with disabilities aren't above reproach. Like I've been saying all along, he should be eternally grateful for the opportunity he has been given and he should be in training camp.
Who said he wasn't grateful? He is willing to fly when he has to? You are trashing the guy you don't even know. Thats my point.

The Rockets as his employer CANNOT say anything and it goes if it's not in the contract. Do you want to know what would happen if they tried to force him to fly? There would probably be a huge lawsuit. I bet White and the Rockets both know this and that is why they are trying to work it out like responsible people

And now people are calling him ungrateful, a baby, that he just needs to get over his mental illness.

Are you serious? You think that is normal and alright?
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