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Originally Posted by gamboooler View Post
LOL, no there wouldn't be a lawsuit. If flying with the team is a team rule, they can clearly make him do it. I'm not just pulling stuff out of the air like you. Have you ever heard of a morals clause? Do you think every contract says, "you can't make racist comments on Twitter?" No. It's general language. You want to know why? It's IMPOSSIBLE to include every detail in a contract. That's why when the contract says, "team rules," the team is allowed to set those rules, or when some moron spouts off on Twitter, they can fire him. They can't make you do anything illegal, but traveling with the team, by flight, is certainly reasonable and legal.

He is not in training camp on day 1. He had weeks to work with the Rockets to get this sorted out. Do you really not have a problem with him not being there? It's such a cop out to say, "you don't know him." We have proof of his actions. It's fair criticism. I'm sorry I didn't just throw my hands up and say, "oh, the soon to be millionaire basketball player won't show up to camp until one of the few teams willing to take a shot on him makes explicit that he can drive to some games even though he had weeks to work it out and is kind of coming off poorly has problems with anxiety, I should cut him a break."
so you are a lawyer now?

I never said he was at no fault. But it's not his fault alone. That's clear.

The fact that people say he just needs to get over it, or do what he's told, or that he is being babied or is ungrateful is wrong.

Once again I'll say it the fact that the Rockets are working with him and figuring it out shows that he is not the problem and an ungrateful baby
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