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Default Need help with this Garage sell find. 88 Score, 89 Fleer, 89 Topps, 89 Topps Traded.

So I came across this huge box of Baseball cards at a Garage sell. Paid $20 for it all and this is what I got:

1988 Score Collector Set 660 Player Cards 56 Magic Motion Taivia Cards
1989 Donruss Complete Set
1989 Fleer Logo Stickers and Trading Cards Factory Sealed
2 1989 Topps Complete Set Factory Sealed
1987 Topps Complete Set
12 little red boxes 1989 Topps Baseball "Traded Series"

The guy I got them from told me that there was atleast a couple hundred dollars worth of cards. Im thinking to my self that he probably doesn't know the market these days. Why else would he be selling this box for $20??

As soon as I got home I hit eBay. I know I have Ken Griffey Jr RC's along with Randy Johnson RC's, Deion Sanders RC's, Craig Biggio's.

I dunno what to do with these?? Leave the sealed sets, sealed or pull the Rookies out and have them graded??
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