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Originally Posted by iBLeeDBaTTLeReD View Post
I bought a few finest refractors from him on 9/13 from this sales thread

Asked him a few days later if he had sent them yet since he didn't provide DC and said he had a family emergency and was going to ship them out the next day With some extras for the inconvenience. Waited 10 more days and nothing. So i pm him again and he says "oh i shipped it from my school s post office I'll go up there and Check On it and if it still doesn't arrive I'll refund you. That was on 9/29 so still nothing this week, I pm him yesterday and he was active tonight at 8 pm and no response. I'll be filling a Paypal claim tomorrow when i get home and blocking this guy. Very poor communication on his end. Granted it was only a $5 deal but the point is he never made an effort as the seller to find out if i received my cards or not.

Made this thread not to call him out because $5 isn't going to break me but rather so everyone else can avoid the headache of dealing with this guy.
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