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Originally Posted by crazy4kinsler View Post
There was a $2,755 bid also. Otherwise the card wouldn't have jumped. BTW, why are you claiming this to be shill bidding? I looked at the numbers and none of the bidders have more than like 2% with this seller, except for one. He has 11%, but only has 16 bids in his lifespan.

This could've been someone that created a username last night because they wanted this card. If you look at his history, he's already bidding on other cards too.

The person who "won" the card, in my opinion, involved with the OP.

The last LEGIT bis was $1525 placed at 10:13.44 EST. He had a Max of $2755 so when the 0 bidder shills it up to probably $3,000 it stops at the next highest increment os $2805.

If the 0 FB bidder does not bid it ends at $1525

If you read any of OP ranting about what the card is "worth" you will see why I believe the 0 FB is a shill for OP.
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