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Default 1 box of 2012 Press Pass Fanfare Racing

Got a promotion and my wife got me a box of 2012 Fanfare from the LCS to celebrate... here's the damage. This stuff is a lot of fun to break and every card, right down to the base, looks incredible. Design quality competes with Redline but far surpasses this year's disappointing Showcase.

The Regan Smith 3/5 came out of the 'Power Pick' bonus pack. If you can't see the numbering on the autos, it is Scott /399, Busch /175, Paludo /75 and Hornaday /99.

All is available for trade... only looking for Pastrana, Bobby Labonte and Terry LaBonte.

Collecting Cincinnati Reds - current, past notable and HOF
Wrestling - Kane, Victoria/Tara and Sarita
Benchwarmer PC - Sandra Taylor, Camille Anderson and Angel Boris

bucket -
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