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RE: Blue Wave packs for Bowman Chrome

The 2012 Bowman Regular break was a fiasco of one hell of an overworked houdini. It is also most likely the one main reason that they moved to 5 packs per household - not the only, but definitely the main - Topps called me a liar and said they would never make such an gregarious mistake as send me nearly 100 extra packs. Where the hell did they come from then?

Ok, ok, so, we have two solutions that I can see:

1. I work my ass off again and package up 5 boxes of wrappers for different people and ship them directly to Topps with your addresses and info.

The pro of this is obviously speed, saved additional shipping cost, and ease for the participant. The con is that then the burden and onus is on me. If Topps does not send you your packs, it will be me that you will blame.

2. I package up 5 boxes of wrappers and ship them to the participants. It is the same amount of work for me, but then the burden is on you to ship them to Topps and you cannot blame me if they do not arrive. The pro here is that I don't have to worry about you packs not arriving. The cons are that the packs may take too long, the extra shipping costs, and that now each participant has to ship their own packs.

Personally, I think we should strongly consider option #1. HOWEVER, it will cost you extra shipping and you guys have to throw me something for the extra work involved. That is only fair. Furthermore, you must post that you will NOT hold me responsible should your packs not arrive.

We have a few days to consider our options.

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