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Originally Posted by BAMBAM View Post
How many open looks did he miss when he had time ? I remember the one where he had man coverage on Fitz and he didn't see it BUT he still hit Doucet right between both hands and he dropped it. Without watching games from the press box or the game film the next day how can anyone who watched the game last night say he's missing open receivers all game long ? The t.v. broadcast doesn't show most of the routes on most plays unless it's an obvious replay like the Fitz was.

Again, I'm not saying Kolb is Manning but he isn't Romo either. Kolb could win a bunch of games in the NFL with their core of weapons if he had a line because he doesn't force things and make the same mistakes like a Tony Romo or even Mike Vick tend to do.
How about when he was running for his life in the third and hit Fitz across the field with a lazer for about 30+ yards ? He can make the throws, just needs some help up front. Tough for ANYONE to stand in there without peeking at the rush when you're getting pounded like he is game after game.
Off the top of my head... missed a wide open Fitz in the end zone when he threw a pass to Doucet... bad read. Overthrew Fitz when he had a corner beat ( Fitz tried to one hand it). Had Andre Roberts open down the center of the field and threw to his wrong shoulder. Had the TE on a LB up the middle that he under threw. That is 4 possible TD passes he missed on top of a few other shorter passes he flat out botched. I wonder if some people were watching this game...
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