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I THINK there are enough wrappers for everyone in each break to get a package. 10 cases - 120 boxes - 120 packs, right? I do not think we have 120 participants.

Originally Posted by DodgyTrousers View Post

Houdini could purchase the rights to the empty wrappers from each participant for the princely sum of 1 penny per spot (as a credit towards a future break) and then do whatever the heck he wants with them without any judgement from any one inside or outside the break.

The time, effort and extra shipping costs incurred by houdini would be rewarded with blue wave packs.

Due to packs per household limitations houdini will be required to purchase more houses.
Originally Posted by Dbott1234 View Post
Option 3? Pre sell wrappers on Ebay in packs of 36?

I don't really know what the right answer is as it's going to be a lot of extra work for you Houdini. I have my own cases coming so I don't need "my wrappers," but I think it would have been cool if they sent you all the packs and then that was an extra little break.

Whatever you decide is fine with me, thanks again for hosting.

PS can we get an updated order here soon? Thanks
Unfortunately, neither of these are viable. I cannot use the wrappers. I only have a couple addresses that I can use. I think I might be able to get 4 packages or so all told.

The eBay option is actually big trouble because too many scammers out there. Learned that from the last break where guys sold wrappers that did not arrive in time and he got a paypal case.
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