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Originally Posted by Ajax1723 View Post
So after my Harper Gold Non Auto pull at the Philly show, my LCS had one lonely box of '12 Chrome for 80 so I figured why not, last box. Turned out to be a great box.

Chipper Jones Black /100
Chris Parmelee Blue /199
B.J. Upton Black /100

Chris Parmelee

and the two good hits:

Paul Konerko Yellow Printing Plate 1/1 (Hmmm....I know there is a Konerko Collector on the boards somewhere.....)


Ryan Lavarnway Magenta Printing Plate Auto 1/1

Great box, all is FS, will be PMing or awaiting a PM from Homerun haha.
Holy Sh* did NOT hit a Konerko. Great box.

(Don't even need to ask if you got any )
Mostly gone.
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