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Originally Posted by friarbolt View Post
I freaking hate it when my team is 4-1! This is the lowest point in the Cardinals long and glorious history as an elite NFL team!
I laughed. Well played sir. Well played.

Originally Posted by Clippins View Post
Hey now, I'm a huge Cardinals fan -- born and raised in AZ -- and while last night was bad no way in the world was this the most embarrassing moment. Lest we forget all the blowouts we'd be on the receiving end during the Dave McGinnis era. Or how about all of the empty seats at Sun Devil stadium and the endless blackouts we endured. Or the whole "Bears are who we thought we were" fiasco when we gave up just 3 offensive points to the Bears on MNF and still find a way to lose the game. Pretty much anything going back to the beginning of when the Cardinals moved here, other than the 1998 season when we made the playoffs and since Wisenhunt became our coach, has been more of an embarrassment than what occurred last night.
What about your 2008 Super Bowl run? I was rooting for Warner and Fitz. But alas, the Steelers did have a more...complete team.

I'd say losing to the Steelers by 3 in a Super Bowl is a bigger accomplishment than most teams have had in the last 5 years. Maybe you could pull Warner out of retirement. Think he'd be more accurate at 44(?) than the rest of your current QBs combined.
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