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Let me throw this conspiracy at you...

The winning bidder is not a newly registered account. If it were there would be a little gold star thingy by the id. IMO the OP is to nieve to have a 2nd account. (nothing wrong with multiple ids as long as they aren't interfering with the other ids.)

I'm thinking somone is purposely messing with the auction to make it appear shilled so when it comes back up for sale the sellers name is tarnished, and he can get it cheaper.

The card receive a lot of publicity on this site. Everyone was watching to see what happened since the seller "got greedy". Now everyone thinks it was "shilled" when in reality the OP may have nothing at all
to do with it. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a member so devious as to pull something like this.

I smell a rat, but I don't think it's OP.

Who knows. It could turn out legit as well.

And if I'm wrong oh well. Wouldn't be the first time. It just irks me when conclusions are jumped to.
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