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Originally Posted by 0264 roadrunner1964 View Post
James....why don't you provide the OP with what you need. I am sure he hasn't had the time to sort base. It is a lot easier to pull out of non-sequential stacks, if you are looking at a listing of numbers. If you want the freebies, then you should be able to provide a list.

Your remarks to ldsports is un-called for.
I didn't ask for freebies he is the one that offered them I was more asking for numbers on the refractors and autos and I wouldn't of said something to them if they didn't say there uncalled for comment seriously
Supercollecting Joe Haden
Also looking for 2012 Topps Chrome Blue Wave and some Non sports. Looking for 50s, 60s, 70s and some 80s Topps football
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