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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Woo hoo!


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2 alpine
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Ok, I know that 24 wrappers fit in a normal envelope, but 180 wrappers would probably go better in a flat rate for size and speed, yes?

I am thinking $5.15 shipping, < 50 cents supplies, < 40 cents paypal fees, and a few bucks to pack 180 wrappers into separate bundles of 36 and mail them next day to Topps.

If that sounds fair to you, call it $10? (That would pay me about $44 - to open all 10 cases immediately and sort, bundle, and ship all wrappers next day. I will have to work through the night as I will be opening 20 cases.)

Or you could also sell these to anyone in the break instead.
Anyone that wants to sell their risk of not getting any packs please PM me your selling price or just let me know yours is available.
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