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Yesterday and today's mail brought these.

Can anyone tell me is the Peyton Manning below is a real auto (that Peyton signed) or do you think it was printed on the card? I did a quick google search and I did see a youtube video where someone else got the same card back but the auto on that card was bigger and located around the middle of the card.

Peyton Manning
Sent 1 card c/o foundation (didn't record date sent) w/a $5 donation - Rec'd my card back UNSIGNED and my donation back along with this card

Brittany Viola
Sent 1 card 9/7/12 - Rec'd 1 card signed 10/4/12

Ozzie Newsome
Sent 1 card 9/22/12 - Rec'd 1 card signed 10/4/12

LoLo Jones
Sent 1 card 8/18/12 - Rec'd 1 card signed 10/4/12

Aaron Brooks
Sent 2 cards 3/26/12 - Rec'd 2 cards signed 10/5/12


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