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Originally Posted by roc21 View Post
i have to ask..because i do ttm....i sent out 50 2 months ago, so far im at 22 successes/ 1 failure...
do you have a knowledge of who signs and who doesnt and return times or are you just sending out to the player c/o team for any requests you get..i gotta say if thats the case thats not right......if someone gives you a list of players, do you charge them and send them all out regardless of who the player is, or do you tell them, "this guy doesnt sign" so i wont send to him..hence your not charging people for nothing.....???
Great question. I actually did some research for someone and told them who typically doesn't sign and who does. I am willing to try anyone they would like me to. I also did report on return time. Some people are willing to take the risk. I am just responsible for writing the letter and sending out the cards. I do put thought into the letters and research the person I am writing to.
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