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Default the hobby progression

i started collecting in the late 80's. it started with the complete set of 1989 topps football. i was all about bo jackson like every other 9 year old was. then score and fleer and upper deck popped up and then pro line autos and then upper deck sp, then i took a break. when i returned to the hobby in 2000 everything was serial numbered rookie cards and PSA graded 10 gem's and relic cards. now relic cards are worth nothing without 3 colors or part of the nameplate, reebok logo, or team or nfl emblem on it. then we have exquisite using what some have called 'questionably used' patches on their new product. i mean check out the ponder exquisites that have sold on ebay. exact same part of the nike bottom left tag. almost exact same cut on 3 sold this week? its clearly mapped out and measured and exquisite is picking the flashiest pieces but driving prices down at the same time because of who wore them and when is under question.

-relics pieces-once popular and valuable are not that big of deal
-autographs-now only the /5 or high end rookies are worth getting. and is now progressing to inscription rookies and used nameplate autos and exotic jersey piece autos.
-the products themselves have limited amounts but then each company has 10 different sets of cards so basically the same amount of rookies and autos are still out there just appearing to be limited when they are only limited per set.

im wondering if and for how long values will hold and if somehow even with auto jersey nameplates patches the companies will find a way to think about money first and oversaturate the market with that and everything else. they did it with ever product in the early 90's and they did it with jersey material cards and now autos. you can get a MJD flair showcase auto rookie for $5 and he's one of the top 3 RB in the league!

where does it end and what do you think is next for the hobby?
i hope that what exquisite may or may not have done with the jersey pieces doesnt get out of hand. but i know even besides UD that it at least slightly has.

do you think at some point the players are going to come out and call fowl on the card companies for putting items they never wore on cards? or pointing out that they never even signed some of those cards? ive heard a story about that with a bball player who's friends 'helped him out' with the roll of stickers he had to sign. thats not my story to tell though.

my money on whats next is 'dinner with michael jordan' types of rare inserts. or 'tickets to a game', or 'skype with tom brady' for 5 minutes. and i think inscriptions will be saturated and devalued or 'limited' but each player will have 10 different inscriptions /50. i think the NFL or the NFLPA or WE THE COLLECTORS should put an end to the shotty practices of game worn pieces practices of the companies. remember that photo of mark ingram or whoever at a topps event with 20 jerseys on at once? we should have mutinied then. i hope we mutiny.

anyone has a problem with my rant, complain elsewhere (thats as nicely as i can say it). i know some of you like to act like little nancies about everything. you little nancies are the ones online being spell nazi's too? 'umm you spelled tuberculosis wrong, idiot'.

'the confrontation with god is the confrontation with the unconscious' carl jung
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