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Originally Posted by HighEndHits View Post
I still think the young kid opening up a pack and getting a jersey card or autograph (regardless of how ordinary or detached it is) still gets a rush. A piece of an NFL jersey or autograph from an NFL player!!! While they might be ordinary now and less rare than they used to be I'm sure that casual collectors still find them pretty cool. It's the people who are trying to invest and flip that despise the amount of them being produced. I also think it's less about the mass amount of them being produced and more about the fact that there has been nothing scarce that has taken their place.
are the jersey pieces as authentic as they were in the late 90's though? many cards have a vague time and place when they were worn. on wikipedia the way they talk about the UD wording change on jersey cards makes you wonder, a lot.

youve got me on the flipping thing but look at late 90's jersey cards of marino and favre and others. some are over $200 in beckett but who's gonna pay that,even if it has a specific game piece/event listed in the back, when a favre (or anybody else post 2005) can be had for $8? that collector with that card who paid all that money for those boxes has something worth nothing. makes it the stock market. dump it before its overplayed and worthless. flip it all. except the vince lombardi cuts auto and the occasional 1/1's and rarities. look at favres cards drop as soon as he's done playing. everything can be had for 50%-75% off 1 year after he's out. then will skyrocket for 2 weeks after he's entered in the HOF. stock market. get it before its hype, flip it before it dies.

also whats a kid gonna think when he pays $5 for a pack of cards and a superstar jersey card and handful of superstar base cards wont even get him his $5 back? i have a hard time justifying buying packs or boxes when its $125 for the box or $200 for the exact card i want. saves time and effort, snipe it and get it over with. saves trees too.

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