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Originally Posted by jonefriedman View Post
Can someone give me an idea of valuation for these boxes? What I mean is looking at the secondary market, what would a middle of the road case break bring you? I know that is a question that we are all trying to answer, but assuming that you will get a base Jordan auto ($500+) and a second A list auto ($250+) you are left with 13 more autos. Having only a few photos from Upper Deck and a checklist from Retro, it looks like $1500 is about where this values out at if you don't hit anything big. Any help that you guys could give me would be great as I am considering breaking my first high end case and don't know if I should jump in now.

i may be wrong but i dont see any jordan auto selling for less than 800-1000 the first couple weeks, i think you can assume an easy 1500-1900 if you get the avegard stuff with potential to hit something big, my guy whos pretty big the UD told me its hard to get this stuff and there is not as much made as people think. I see box prices only going up at first and settling back around 750 after the first craze hits. But what do i know
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