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Originally Posted by Texas Brave13 View Post
all the talk about stats for a month is bull sh**...the guy produces...fact:

*he's a FA,
*he feels he deserves at least a 4 year deal or something to take him to the end of his baseball carrer,
*he's one of the top fielding OF players in the league the last 3-4 years,
*do we really need to talk about his HR's, RBI, Runs, SB's and speed?

Anyone can a specific month out of anyone's playing career and use that as their own justification for letting a player go or not to give him a new contract. It's hard to keep personal biased out of this, but you must try to. The Rangers have been to the WS the past 2 years, and other players were performing and picking up some of the slack where others like Josh left off this season, it happens.

Here is what I see happening in the off season and I have zero facts to support it, only rumor and things I see:

*Elvis gets traded to AZ and we get J. Upton to fill in the OF where Hamilton will be missed (yes, Hammy will be gone because he will want way too much scratch),

*Profar gets shifted to SS and he and Kinsler run the middle INF.

Just my .02
Heard rumors the phillies will be looking at Upton as well...guess we will see...i see hamilton having the Pujols syndrom... he will get a decent deal and will get hurt or under produce next year..
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