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Default HELP eBay Seller Acount indefinitely suspended

Alright lets first establish a few things.

-I get lazy with shipping, being a full time college student away from home with a full schedule, lots of work, and a really crappy University Post Office poses its challenges.

-This eBay account has been active since 1999, there is only 1 negative feedback on the entire account

-My account has been "below standard" for a few months due to me 4.4/5 shipping rating. (4.56 in the last 12 months)

-I have had 2 cases in the last 12 months opened against me, I immediately refunded both transactions not wanting to deal with it.

I tried posting an auction yesterday and received a message that I no longer have selling eligibility on my account. I call eBay yesterday and was told "maybe eBay selling isnt for you" I requested more information as to why this happened, and how to receive selling eligibility back. I was told it can be sent to a review team which could take weeks.

I then requested to speak with a supervisor to see if any more information could obtained. I was repeatedly told he was busy and was asked to leave a call back number in which I would be contacted.

I still have not been contacted.

The account has a 1000+ feedback nearly 100% feedback rating. I honestly don't know what to do, this hobby is very difficult without selling on eBay.

Has anyone ever gone through this? or does anyone have any information that could be helpful?
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