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If you are lying about your Grandpa dying (as your excuse to not ship within 3 weeks) I can assure you that Satan will be making reservations for you in Hell. My BS detector has been pegged for days while watching this thread. I could be wrong, but all of the holes in your story make it seem pretty clear what you are doing.

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Wow man I'll personally f*&%ing invite you. My grandpa has visitation at the funeral home on Friday starting at 3 pm for family 6pm for public. He will be buried Saturday. He has been battling lung cancer for a long time now. within the past week went into a sleeping coma, never woke up. DIED. And you still want to be an A$*hole about a freakin package potentially being shipped 1 week after the purchase date. Give it a break already. Sh1t happens and thats all there is to it.
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