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Default Birthday Break: 2011 Finest and 2012 Chrome Boxes -- Fun Colors, Good Hits

One box of each. Decided to buy myself these two since TTT screwed me on my actual birthday. $180-ish, which to me is a ton of money.

I was avoiding Topps Chrome like the plague since I wasn't huge on the product itself. I don't know why but at $60 through Blowout, it felt like a button I had to push. I wanted a sepia base card because I think they look gorgeous, but I also wanted to "chase" one instead of outright purchase. I got what I wanted and then some.

Yeah yeah, Lawrie's signature sucks and it's runny and myeh myeh myeh, but I'm really happy I got one. We buy these things expecting the Harpers and Darvishes but to hit a GORGEOUS Bauer (the scratch is on the sleeve, not the card) that I'll get graded and that Lawrie (58/75) made my break worthwhile. The Harper is a refractor too! Not numbered. Pacheco is 174/199. I also got a black border of Mark Reynolds.

Onto Finest. I went into this wanting a Freddie Freeman relic auto and--obviously--a Trout auto. I got half of what I wanted.

No Trout base, which stinks, but still some nice color. Got real excited when I saw the orange in the auto slot. Worse players to get on this checklist than Walden, who I think is a great reliever. Sadly, relievers don't fetch dollars or hold value, but oh well. /99 on the Walden, /149 on the Freeman, /199 on the Pineda. Also got a Finest Moments Carl Crawford.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!
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