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Originally Posted by bookyyyyyy View Post
Alright lets first establish a few things.

-I get lazy with shipping, being a full time college student away from home with a full schedule, lots of work, and a really crappy University Post Office poses its challenges.

-My account has been "below standard" for a few months due to me 4.4/5 shipping rating. (4.56 in the last 12 months)

The account has a 1000+ feedback nearly 100% feedback rating. I honestly don't know what to do, this hobby is very difficult without selling on eBay
Originally Posted by bookyyyyyy View Post
To further clarify,

Lazy with shipping does not mean I dont send items. Sometimes it takes a week or so to get things shipped out.

NEVER have I sold something and not sent it.
Originally Posted by bookyyyyyy View Post
The numbers dont reflect poor buyer satisfaction. That is my problem with this.
ebay has been doing this to sellers for some time now. 100% feedback is really irrelevant now. ITs all about DSR's and ebay doesn't want a seller taking a week or longer to ship an item. For all the reason's you were honest about your selling history is exactly the reasons ebay has been suspending sellers.

Nothing personal but I think they made the right call, maybe they shouldn't have indefinitely suspending your selling ability but as of now I think it fits. Maybe you just picked the wrong time in your life to sell on ebay.
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