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Originally Posted by freeman2jackson View Post
I don't see how suspending your account can help you or them in any way. I would think maybe a limited amount of listings until you show and prove your DSRs are right back to the 4.7-5.0 range would be better suited
Won't work, eBay doesn't care haha, once you are restricted, it's over. The point is to never get there.

Originally Posted by bookyyyyyy View Post
Appreciate the comment,

I still dont see how the punishment fits the crime. I could find you 10+ sellers in a very short amount of time with worse DSR's & multiple negative feedbacks.
Too late now, a 4.4 isn't good at all. Negative feedback doesn't matter. You can complain and try to get it back. It's gone, you are done with that account, period. It sucks, give it up, and go stealth.
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