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Originally Posted by bookyyyyyy View Post
I've done a lot of research over the last 24 hours since this happened. Sounds like I'm screwed.

I still feel that if I keep calling and speaking to people higher and higher up (slow process I know) Someone will see that in the last 12 months my DSR for shipping is a 4.56 and both cases opened have been IMMEDIATELY resolved. I've had a longstanding account with practically no issues.

Like I said although the effort maybe futile I seriously think the punishment doesnt fit the crime, and eventually someone will see that.
4.56 is horrible. Again, I was banned for a 4.8. You need to realize that a 4.56 is real bad on eBay, it is unacceptable. You keep skipping the part they don't care about negatives, who cares about the no issues. No one will see this, you need a kick in the butt and face reality, you will never be able to sell on this account again, just face the facts.
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