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Originally Posted by Craig View Post
I have no concerns about the age of the set, but I'm curious what you like about this one.

I'm doing the 1997 football Legends auto set, so I don't mind chasing some older stuff.
Oh cool... I LOVE the old Greats of the Game autographs, even the regular auto set. But these All-Americans are one of my favorite sets of all time. Main reason is the design, just beautiful imo. Not to mention it features George Mikan's rarest autograph, which is numbered to just 46 copies. Followed by /50 of Paul Arizin(deseased) and Bob Cousy, and other great players. Topped off by Vince Carter being numbered the highest in the set at /98. I love how the set has the players numbered to their rookie year, so you're actually learning a little. Not sure if I like these cards better, or the Silhouettes, but they're pretty close.

Here is my George Mikan...

This is one of those sets I never got tired of.
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