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Originally Posted by HighEndHits View Post
I still think the young kid opening up a pack and getting a jersey card or autograph (regardless of how ordinary or detached it is) still gets a rush. A piece of an NFL jersey or autograph from an NFL player!!! While they might be ordinary now and less rare than they used to be I'm sure that casual collectors still find them pretty cool. It's the people who are trying to invest and flip that despise the amount of them being produced. I also think it's less about the mass amount of them being produced and more about the fact that there has been nothing scarce that has taken their place.
I bought 4 packs yesterday to open with my 5 yr old last night. He pulled a Cyrus Gray auto (sticker). He was so excited he ran upstairs (after dad put it in a top loader), showed his mom and then immediately pulled his entire box of cards out to start sorting and comparing. It's his first auto card and he was so jazzed! That is what this is all about.

Listen, at the end of the day, we control this process. Don't like the BS game used, serial numbered, sub-sets, etc.? Then don't buy them. Don't buy boxes, don't buy hits of The Bay, just leave it. The card companies only make what they can earn a profit from. They are not custodians of the hobby or looking to preserve the integrity of anything. They want our money, they will produce as many products as possible to separate us from our money. Panini has 18 football products this year. That's 15 too many. I have purchased one brand and release this year that I felt was going to offer me the best bang for my buck. That's it. I don't like all the stuff I see, but if I buy it, I can't then go and complain about it. "I hate these cards! Why do they make these cards!"

I would rather see one set of on-card autos that comes out at the end of the year then 10 sets of sticker autos that come out early with crappy training camp/rookie premier photos. But if we keep buying sets of crappy jersey/sticker autos, then they will keep making them.
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