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Default 1986 fleer basketball sequence

1986 fleer Jordan RC was the first ever trading card I knew about. So I've been very interested in the 86 fleer sequence.

I've found 7 pack break results (never opened one myself) and a very good post about the sequence (don't know if I can post the link here). That post pointed out the 66 cards apart rule but didn't say much about the mid-pack "flip".

According to the pack break data I found (mostly from youtube) I'm pretty sure the flip is not completely random. The flip occurs because the sequence hits the left end of the uncut sheet (1, or 12, or ... or 111 or 122). And after the flip the sequence starts from the right end, 11, or 22, or ... or 121 or 132.

The meanig of this is, you will never get a #57 Jordan because of a mid-pack flip, which means you can know if a Jordan is inside just by looking at the first card of a pack.

But thers's still one thing, every box of 86 fleer contains 3 sets and another 36 cards, I still don't know how these 36 extra cards were arranged into packs.

Anyone can shed some light on this ?
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