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Originally Posted by nuccionino View Post
I'll do it, if I can remember haha so long ago. He bought cards, like $10 worth. I ship em and he says he never got em. That's fine, except he was threatening me the whole time and I'm like calm down. 2 PM's a day, freaking out. Had his buddies (more kids) trying to see if I had the cards FS, saying they would pay double (maybe he thought I'd do it?) I said nope, already sold. So I refund him, and then no contact for a month. I noticed this kid hasn't been on much since school started, kids, and then contacts me out of the blue. He asked me where the cards/money is at and I said I refunded you long ago, he said oh? Like he seem to believe me but still says he doesn't remember getting one and then left me a negative. Who knows haha.
I recall doing a small deal with you and agreed to PWE.
Got cards, no problem.

He should have handled it differently, but maybe you can find the payment and refund details for this fellow in your paypal transaction history just to clear things up for him.
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